We specialize in fine lines, cover-ups, color, black & gray, realism and custom script.
Bishop and his team have a broad portfolio covering every style of tattooing.

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Culpeper, Virginia

Ugly Bishop's Tattoo has three locations; taking their broad range of styles to the East coast and West coast. Ugly Bishop's Tattoo Shop is located in Fredericksburg, VA and opened April 1, 2011. UB Tattoo Studio is located in Bakersfield, CA and opened September 2014. And our newest location, Ugly Bishop's Tattoo Parlor, located in Culpeper, VA opened on September 22, 2015. The artists at UB Tattoo pride themselves to be versatile and talented and strive to make sure their clients are always comfortable and happy with their experience.

Bakersfield, California

**10% off for all military members and college students. ID must be present.**